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What is Active Defence?

Active Defence: The importance of proactive security

A lot of organisations are still getting breached by seasoned cyber criminals, even after spending an increased amount on their security budget and implementing additional security controls. That’s why businesses need an innovative solution that proactively hunts and eliminates stealthy threat.

Why do you need Active Defence?

While the frequency, volume and severity of attacks are all rising, organisations continually fail to detect compromise until it’s too late

Active Defence is our solution to this problem.

To give you an overview of the climate – the threat landscape has changed drastically since we started our Content Security journey in 2000. Hackers and other cybercriminals have honed their skills – leading to a massive increase in breaches, as well as zero-day threats occurring at an incessant rate. 

On top of this, traditional security controls just can’t seem to keep up. They aren’t detecting advanced threats and generating the right alerts. This means that a lot of business leaders are left questioning the efficacy of their security as a whole. 

Content Security assures you: with your reputation, your customers’ trust, and your livelihood on the line, proactive security is the key to mitigating these threats.

Active Defence keeps you one step ahead of threats

Continuous, proactive threat hunting is the key to eliminating breaches

Active Defence is a  fully managed service, revolving around the constant and proactive pursuit of cyber adversaries. This means that your organisation’s IT security team does not need to manage or learn the solution. Content Security experts conduct the full operation, from threat validation, investigation, containment and remediation.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and Content Security’s expertise allows us to detect and investigate threats that other solutions continually fail to detect. We provide you with full transparency instead of a false sense of security, and this means you are better equipped to make strategic security decisions in the future.

Want to know more about Active Defence?

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