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Checklist for Enterprise Email Security

In the digital era, where email has become a cornerstone of corporate communication, the stakes for securing these channels have never been higher. 2023 reports revealed that approximately 35% of malware was delivered by email1and that phishing accounts for more than 70% of all attacks, showcasing a dire need for robust defence mechanisms. While traditional email security such as Microsoft Defender, legacy email security solutions and spam filters provide a baseline defence, these measures are often inadequate against sophisticated cyber threats. This inadequacy underlines the imperative for organisations to adopt advanced email security strategies, leveraging contemporary, third-party technologies to fortify their defences against evolving cyber threats.

The Necessity for Advanced Email Security

Basic or traditional email security measures, though fundamental, fall short in today’s cyber threat landscape. These legacy tools, while offering a strong starting point for email security, may not suffice due to the multi-layered and sophisticated nature of modern cyber attacks. Cyber attackers persistently refine their strategies and develop complex tools, outpacing the capabilities of conventional security mechanisms. This evolving threat scenario underlines the critical need for modern advanced email security solutions.  

Top 10 Advanced Email Security Checklist

Accuracy in detecting threats. 

Ensure your chosen email security solution has high accuracy rate. No email security solution has a 100% detection rate but advanced email security protection should provide a detection rate of above 99.9% along with a low false positive rate below 0.1%. 

Rapid Threat Analysis 

An advanced email security solution should be able to  dynamically scan emails in seconds and not minutes.  

Scope of Attack Prevention 

Provides comprehensive safeguarding against every type of threat, covering spam, phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), malware, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and zero-day attacks.

Email Security Screening. 

Thorough scanning of all emails for potential threats, ensuring they are analysed before reaching the user’s inbox.

Comprehensive Dynamic Content Analysis

Includes complete sandboxing capabilities, encompassing dynamic execution and rendering of all files and URLs for every piece of content.

URL Protection 

Actively blocks malicious URLs, identified both through initial scanning and at the moment of user interaction, effectively preventing access to harmful sites.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Mitigation

Applies network-level validations, including domain spoofing checks and email authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), enhanced with sophisticated algorithms and techniques such as supply chain analysis and lexical scrutiny.

Account Takeover (ATO) Defence 

Monitor for unusual or suspicious activities indicative of a compromised account, such as abnormal email forwarding or deletion, brute force intrusion attempts, and excessive login failures. 

Protection Against APTs & Zero-days 

Proactively hunt for signs of advanced persistent threats and newly emerging vulnerabilities (zero-days) by analysing behaviors at the CPU and exploit levels for early detection and defence. 

Integrated Reporting and Policy Management 

Ability to produce ad-hoc and periodic reporting tailored for various stakeholders, from the SOC team to management, alongside a flexible mechanism for the swift application of new policies and rules based on emerging threats.

In an age dominated by digital communication, enhancing email security is not just a necessity but a mandate to safeguard organisational integrity against sophisticated cyber-attacks. By transitioning from traditional to advanced email security measures, organisations can significantly fortify their cyber defences, ensuring robust and resilient communication networks. Advanced strategies, underpinned by the latest technologies and continuous employee training, form the backbone of effective email security in the modern business landscape. 

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