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Data Loss Prevention

Despite the focus on malicious hacking, employee misuse of data is the cause of one in five security incidents, or the third most common cause of breach.

Nearly half of employees admit to emailing work to their personal email accounts, and nearly one in five have given partners or customers sensitive corporate information without first checking with their manager.

How data loss prevention technology can help

Data loss prevention is a mature technology designed to detect and if necessary, prevent the copying or transmission of sensitive information out of the corporate network. A comprehensive data loss prevention suite will look at data in different states and different locations, including:

  • Traversing and leaving the network
  • On authorised and unauthorised endpoints
  • Data at rest, such as on file shares
  • Data in use such as being printed or viewed
  • Data in motion whether emailed, uploaded or copied onto removeable devices

Implementing an effective data loss prevention strategy is much more involved than simply installing software and appliances into an existing network. However, not implementing an effective prevention strategy can result in a system that disrupts legitimate work processes and encourages users to circumvent controls.

Expert data loss prevention strategies

Through our experience designing and installing data loss prevention systems for our clients, Content Security can:

  • Classify different types of data, and understand the legitimate use of each
  • Assess the business risk of loss of different types of data
  • Prepare data usage policies for each type of data and business case
  • Implement a data loss prevention system to enforce the policy
  • Design ongoing monitoring and business as usual activities to maintain the solution.

If you’re struggling with an existing data leak prevention system or you would like to reduce the risk of employee misuse of data, contact us for an obligation free consultation. 

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