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Incident Response Analysis

Forensic Investigation

Content Security’s expert forensic analysts acquire evidence using various specialist forensic tools to ensure its integrity and find out what really happened in an incident situation.

Our analysts have vast experience in the identification, collection, preservation, processing, review, analysis and presentation of evidence over a wide range of cases, including:

  • Fraud
  • Confidential/IP Theft
  • Employee Malfeasance
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Sexual Harassment
  • PI discovery
  • Leaks to the media
  • Data Loss/Destruction, and more.

How we help you

The investigator will not only collect all evidence and determine context, but also act as an expert witness in legal proceedings. The investigator will:

  • Collect all relevant evidence, maintaining Chain of Custody to ensure the integrity of evidence
  • Determine context based on creation, access, modification and deletion times
  • Form a timeline of events that occurred around time of the event
  • Derive conclusions based on evidence artefacts gathered
  • Act as an Expert Witness in legal proceedings.
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Why Content Security?

Our team are seasoned, experienced and business-minded security consultants with an average of 10 years experience across state and local government, health, finance, education, nonprofit organisations and more.

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