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How hackers think

“How Hackers Think” is a customisable session with an experienced Content Security Offensive Consultant, who understands both white-hat and black-hat techniques.

More organisations are realising that keeping employees aware of security risks is more than just an information security awareness project. It requires a change in company culture and is about much more than ensuring good passwords.

Our ethical hackers will give your employees an idea of who the adversary’s on the other side of the screen are, providing your team with context, so they understand why it is a necessity to maintain a secure password, or why it’s a bad idea to stick in a USB they’ve found on the floor.

These sessions are casual and interactive, with a focus on an adversary’s perspective, explaining why hackers do what they do, and understanding their motives. This is not your everyday security awareness training. Follow the presenter as they take the audience on a realistic attack scenario. The audience should be prepared to participate and think like hackers.

What you will learn

In a 90 minute presentation, the following topics are covered:

  • The profile of a hacker
  • How a hacker started in the industry
  • How a hacker will target staff to get into an organisation
  • How that initial access can be used to achieve the hacker’s goals
  • How staff can change their conceptual thinking to be more alert
  • What staff can do at work and at home to better protect themselves

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