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Information Security Framework (ISO 27001)

An Information Security Framework will help your business build an enterprise wide, security strategy unique to your business. 

An Information Security Framework helps you to manage and protect information in a consistent and cohesive way. It is also a way to showcase management commitment to protect your brand from cyber threats and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your security controls.

Having a compliant framework also ensures that information security requirements are aligned with business goals and objectives while promoting the idea of ‘security being everyone’s responsibility.’

To help you, we follow requirements identified by ISO 27001 standard to establish and implement an information security framework.

ISO 27001 - Information Security Framework

1. Establish

Identify business objectives

Obtain management support

Select proper implementation scope

Define risk assessment methodology

2. Implement and Operate

Manage risks through Risk Treatment Plan

Design policies and procedures as appropriate to manage risks

Allocation resources and train staff

3. Monitor and Review

Monitor Information Security Framework implementation

Prepare for audit review

4. Maintain and Improve

Conduct periodic reassessment audits for continual improvement

Make corrective actions

Make preventative actions

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Our approach to ISO 27001

We initially evaluate the leadership support and commitment to information security for the entire business.

We then formalised the information security risk management process, and ensure it is well-communicated and aligned with the business risk profile.

We also evaluate whether information security controls are documented, evolved and are continuously monitored and improved upon.

And finally, we ensure the security policies and standards are formalised, reflecting the environment, and communicated with relevant employees.

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