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Managed Security Services (MSS)

We act as a seamless extension to your business, enabling you to achieve operational excellence while freeing up your team to focus on higher priority security initiatives.

With a global cyber security skills shortage affecting businesses’ ability to maintain in-house security expertise, outsourcing has become the norm

What are Managed Security Services?

In today’s threat landscape, a majority of security and risk leaders are struggling with a lack of resources to keep up. That’s why Managed Security Services (MSS) are growing increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. 

By partnering with experienced MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers) like Content Security, previously strained IT teams are able to access 24×7 security support without the burden of hiring, training and retaining these in-house skills. 

Benefits of Managed Security Services (MSS)

Minimise cost & maximise efficiency

MSS is a more reasonable alternative to building a security team inhouse. Above all, it allows you to access a team of seasoned experts at a fraction of the cost.

Strategically extend your capabilities

Our team offers a unique advantage, with 21 years’ experience aiding our seamless integration into clients’ environments. We further enable you to leverage our in-depth expertise and threat intelligence.

Properly manage risk and compliance

Backed by a wealth of regulatory knowledge, we provide Risk Management and Compliance expertise, monitoring for compliance and ensuring your assets are continuously protected.

Ongoing security insights

We deliver day to day threat management, data protection and ongoing compliance efforts, in addition to tailored, up-to-date security insights.

Proactive cyber security effort

MSS take a lot of work off your hands by accelerating detection and reducing false alerts. Moreover, it improves response times and minimises the likelihood of successful attacks.

Tailored to your unique needs

We’ve developed a reliable and customisable framework for managing security threats and are therefore able to scale our services to your business and industry profile.

Managed Endpoint

Helping you manage and protect your end users and devices in the modern threat landscape

With endpoints as the new perimeter and sophisticated attacks rising in both frequency and impact, securely managing endpoints is critical. However, faced with a continued lack of control and increasing complexity, security teams are often unable to do this alone.

Delivering comprehensive endpoint security to keep you one step ahead of threats

We help design, configure and deploy endpoint antivirus protection to safeguard your network from potential cyber attacks. Our managed endpoint security offers malware protection, providing you with enhanced visibility and control. In addition, our security consultants: 

  • Help align your policies with regulatory standards to protect your sensitive data 
  • Work with leading vendors to provide you with the latest encryption technologies
  • Continuously monitor and manage endpoint security threats

68% of endpoint attacks result in data breaches and compromised IT infrastructure

Benefits of Managed Endpoint Security

Continuous protection against emerging threats

In addition to 24x7 malware protection, we provide you with application control blocking, USB device control, web filtering and more.

More efficient security operations

We deliver a single view for visibility, investigation and action, helping you effectively manage and minimise internal and external security risks.

Improved end user experience

Above all, we secure staff computers, tablets and phones for more secure entry points and seamless access to the company network.

Reduce unbudgeted costs

Expert security consultants configure your technology to swiftly expose, hunt and remediate advanced endpoint threats, thereby avoiding costly breaches and additional security spend.

managed security services

Managed Firewall Security

A cost-effective alternative to in-house firewall monitoring and management

Like most technologies, firewalls are only as effective as the people managing them. A majority of security teams are already stretched, and monitoring hundreds – or even thousands – of devices can be daunting. You need a trusted partner who can deliver flexible security options across your business environment.

Ensure you’re getting the most out of your firewall

Our managed firewall services provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house firewall monitoring and management. With comprehensive tools and leading SLAs, we can help free up your IT staff to focus on revenue-generating projects. We provide device health monitoring and early failure detection, so you can identify and correct weak points before they turn into problems.

Benefits of Managed Firewall Security

Lift operational duties from your team

We check for device responsiveness, manage problems and replacements, and run backups. Alerting you with the necessary upgrades and patches, we’re able to address software issues at any time, 24×7.

Optimised device management and monitoring

Remote operational support to conveniently and consistently manage your IT security assets and policies. Our goal is to help you focus on what’s most important – your business.

Qualified expertise to give you peace of mind

Trained in a myriad of vendor product toolsets, our experts anticipate potential problems with your security devices, fine-tune them as needed, and address security issues—all while keeping costs under control.

Customised and compliant solutions for your environment

We take a vendor agnostic approach and provide expert support for multiple firewall technologies in on-premise or virtual environments.

Managed SIEM

With SIEM technologies generating more data than ever, simply monitoring is not enough

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software solutions are used by enterprises of all sizes to detect and respond to potential cyber security threats. Unfortunately, SIEM can be one of the most resource intensive elements of a business’ security strategy, with an overwhelming number of logs and information to analyse, correlate and respond to.

Getting the most out of your SIEM requires experts that know what to look for

Our Managed SIEM service saves your time, resources and budget. Pairing our security and intelligence capabilities with your own SIEM solution, this service helps you achieve an increased level of security monitoring and analytics that can scale with your future security needs.

The data gathered on your existing SIEM is shared with our security analysts, allowing them to monitor alerts and escalate critical incidents in a timely fashion. We gather threat intelligence from multiple sources, evaluate possible impacts, establish threat use cases and make these findings available to you for follow-up.

Benefits of Managed SIEM

Streamlined event escalation and incident management

Continual monitoring, analysis and management of security events, enabling swift escalation and response.

Access comprehensive security intelligence and reporting

Receive accurate and thorough reports created specifically for you by our experts, removing a significant reporting overhead.

Tailored around your software of choice

With a wealth of product knowledge, we're able to manage your existing infrastructure or help deploy a new solution.

Significant time and resource savings

Drastically reduce the cost and effort needed to maintain your SIEM by leaning on our team of qualified security analysts.

44% of businesses don't have a patch management process in place

35% of organisations find keeping up with the frequency of patch updates extremely challenging

35% of organisations find keeping up with the frequency of patch updates extremely challenging

Patch Management

With thousands of vulnerabilities being released daily, businesses are struggling to deploy patches in a timely manner

Unpatched software leaves your devices and systems open to exploitation. Proactive patching is therefore of the utmost importance, however, IT teams are being inundated with patches and installations on a daily basis. With poor patch management as a leading cause of data breaches, how are businesses to prioritise this critical process?

We maintain active patching to safeguard your applications and technologies

Our patch management service takes the heavy lifting off your hands and ensures your environment is benefiting from the latest security patches. Promptly identifying, prioritising and deploying critical patches, our security consultants manage the entire vulnerability and patch management process.


Benefits of Patch Management

Optimise the patch management process

Our expert security consultants remove the burden from your team, carrying out the entire patch management lifecycle and delivering quality reporting to keep you updated.

Enhanced security and reduced risk

With a proactive stance to patching, we ensure your software and applications remain up to date, especially those with critical and high security vulnerabilities.

Stay on top of compliance standards

Regulatory standards, such as the Essential 8, often require certain levels of patch compliance. Our patch management services helps you continually adhere to these standards.

Get the most out of your investments

Certain patches go beyond mere security updates. We ensure your organisations is reaping the benefits of these additional feature and functionality improvements.

Our MSS model doesn't stop there

We’ve delivered MSS to clients across Australia for the better part of a decade and pride ourselves on a consultative partnership approach. Our industry expertise means that we not only design and implement a comprehensive range of security solutions, but offer these as fully integrated, managed services for our customers.

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