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Active Defence

Breaches are an inevitability these days, but with Content Security’s Active Defence platform, they don’t have to be.

Active Defence is the key to unveiling and mitigating breaches

Businesses leaders are constantly asking themselves: ‘we’re doing everything right, why are we still getting breached?’

We’ve identified a pattern among the breached organisations that turn to us for help. These are some of the commonalities we’ve recognised that have led to the creation of Active Defence:

  • They aligned their business to a security standard;
  • They had all the essential security controls; but
  • They couldn’t detect advanced threats.

If this sounds like your enterprise, it’s time to change your approach

Our Active Defence service revolves around continuous and proactive threat hunting. It’s a fully managed, people-centric service – meaning our team of professionals conducts the full operation – from threat validation, investigation, containment and remediation of actual breaches that have bypassed your security controls. 

Prioritise proactivity and protect your business’ future

The real issue here is that serious, sophisticated attackers never raise red flags. In fact, it takes the average business 315 days to detect and contain a breach caused by malicious attack. So, a cybercriminal may be traversing your environment for months before they’re identified and even then, they’ve probably wreaked havoc on your data and systems, or extracted company or personal data from the network.

With Content Security’s Active Defence, you can avoid:

A tarnished reputation

A loss of customer trust

Damages to your livelihood

Key Active Defence elements

Below are just some of the key service elements, keeping you one step ahead of threat:

Proactive Threat Hunting

Content Security takes an offensive, proactive stance on adversarial pursuit. This means we are constantly hunting for threats. Our expert intrusion analysts wield leading technology to continuously hunt and eliminate threat before it has the chance to escalate.

Automatic Ticket Generation

All alerts are confirmed by our professionals and are immediately contained, investigated and remediated. This means we can stop cyber criminals in their tracks, with no more false positives slipping through the cracks.

Fully Managed by Our Team

Active Defence is a fully managed 24x7 threat detection and response service. This means your team isn’t responsible for managing this solution and we can give you back valuable time to work on what matters most to your business.

Validation of Breaches

On average, we detect and remediate 8 to 10 actual breaches per Active Defence client, per month. This means we eliminate the false sense of security you get with other solutions and you can get to know the real state of your environment.

Leading-Edge Technology

We know you can't rely on technology alone. It has to be paired with the unparalleled ingenuity and skills of experts. Our security consultants leverage world-class threat detection and response technology to deliver Active Defence.

Enterprise, Cloud, Hybrid and ICS

Active Defence is a cost-effective solution that can be deployed in-house or from the cloud. With the Active Defence platform, we can help you secure a variety of your environments, including Enterprise, Cloud, Hybrid and ICS.

Go beyond the basics and reap the rewards of Active Defence

We identify and remediate 8 to 10 actual breaches per client, per month

We know advanced cybercriminals are on your network. We can tell you where they’ve come from, we eradicate them, and we give you recommendations so they never gain a foothold again. Other benefits of the service include:

Protect your business and your customers

We help you avoid brand damages, loss of customer trust and ultimately, business failure.

Enhanced security posture is a competitive advantage

With Content Security on your side, you can show your clients and partners that their data is safe with you.

Eliminates a false sense of security

With automatic ticket generation and immediate investigation we are able to deliver full transparency of your environment.

Real people using proprietary technology

In order to catch a cybercriminal, you need the skill of real, experienced security-minded people.

Keeps you from falling into the trap of reactivity

Our proactive adversarial pursuit approach prevents you from continuously chasing after threats and alerts.

Proactive threat detection minimises breaches

We are able to deliver pervasive visibility while shifting reliance from mere logs to proactively hunting threats.

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