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Network Access Control

With multiple business stakeholders, how do you create a sustainable way to control access to your network? It’s important to maintain security in trusted and untrusted networks.

The concept of a network perimeter is becoming less relevant in a corporate environment. As employees demand the right to bring their own devices into the network, as well as IoT devices demanding network and internet access, the organisation is losing control of what is part of the ‘trusted’ network.

Careful – you can be hacked on trusted devices

Traditional hacking methods involved breaking through a corporate firewall. This led to a mentality of trusted employees using trusted devices being subject to very few security controls, while all those on other networks being subject to heavy scrutiny. It wasn’t long before hackers found it easier to take over a trusted device to bypass that scrutiny. It’s no longer enough to assume that a trusted staff member is the only one using a device on your network.

Trusted devices need better scrutiny and control

When a device joins a corporate network, you need to know that the device is authorised to join it, and has a level of security that is compliant with security policies, and is not infected with malware or remote control Trojans. Network access control assists this process by profiling and querying new devices. It needs to perform security checks to ensure that it is correctly patched and is running up-to-date malware protection and other security controls. Until a device is proven to be compliant, its ability to communicate on the network is severely curtailed.

Managing BYOD proliferation is easy with Content Security

Providing support to users used to be a heavy commitment with network access controls. Helping users, which were not compliant with the security policy remediate the non-compliance and restore connectivity was a substantial, operational task. However, modern network admission control solutions allow integration with a huge array of infrastructure, simplifying the assessment and management process.

By querying authentication sources, anti-malware solutions, vulnerability scanners and other sources of information, many decisions and actions can be automated without human interaction.

Why Content Security?

Content Security can assist you in controlling a sprawling BYOD or IoT environment. Our experience will ensure your organisation builds a network access control system that is largely invisible to most users, and user-friendly when self-remediation actions need to be taken on the rare occasion.

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