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real world analysis of your response capabilities

Penetration Test Response

Penetration Test Response can help enhance your detection and response capability, and moreover, assist you in identifying sensitive data that has been accessed or stolen.

Penetration testing is a simulated cyber attack on your systems, but how would your organisation fare in the real-world situation?

With cyber security attacks reported once every eight minutes, it's crucial that your organisation has uplifted response capabilties

As information security specialists with a passion for ethical hacking, we truly understand the value of penetration testing. Pentesting allows your organisation to simulate a real-world attack scenario from that of an offensive perspective. However, what gaps are you missing in your defence if you’re not pairing this test with an additional response assessment?

Our Pentest Response Service allows you to determine the full impact of a real-world attack situation and enhance your internal response processes

Pairing our qualified incident responders with our expert pentesters, this service provides a holistic, defensive perspective of your security. While a traditional penetration test allows you to see the vulnerabilities within your systems, pentest response goes a step further. That is to say, pentest response shows you the full impact a real hack would have on the business and determines whether your organisation has the response capability to properly determine what happened. 

penetration test response

Helping you garner real-world context on what would happen if your organisation was attacked by an actual hacker

With breaches occurring at an increasingly frequent rate and the threat landscape growing more severe, this is an invaluable assessment of your IR skills

Essentially, our Penetration Test Response service is a no-risk way of stress testing your Incident Response processes. With a certified team of experts on your side, this service will provide an effective analysis from a defensive point-of-view. If you’re looking for an offensive security assessment, you might be interested in our Red Teaming services.

Simulating hacks to assess your team's genuine capacity to respond to security incidents

Penetration Test Response unveils gaps in your existing security controls, thereby improving the level of readiness for when an attack actually does occur

Working in tandem with our penetration testers, a member from our DFIR team will treat the pentest like a genuine hack. They’ll work with your internal security systems and logs to find out:

Firstly, if you were hacked with these vulnerabilities, would you be alerted?

If so, would your team be able to stop the malicious activity?

If not, would you have the security systems, logging, and incident response capability to effectively respond?

Penetration Test Response

The assumption is often made that forensic artefacts will be readily available when required, however, this is not always the case

In a majority of IR engagements, there’s always a significant gap in what evidence can be obtained due to this pre-conceived notion

This is where Penetration Test Response will really benefit your organisation. You might have IT administrators or a Blue Team who look after SIEM and logs. However, they’re not experts at looking for security incidents or anomalies. In addition, there might not be sufficient evidence to contextualise this malicious activity.

Luckily, we can help train your team by showing them what to look for. We focus on upskilling and teaching your team IR best practices so that they’re better equipped to detect threats. Furthermore, the assessment acts as a security control analysis of sorts, testing your technology and processes in addition to your people.

When incidents occur, stress rises and poor decisions are made

IR skills might be available in-house, however, external experts can act rationally and without bias to give your leadership the right information to make better choices

We cover the industry spectrum end-to-end, meaning, we can assist you with preparing for any type of cyber security incident and beyond

This includes data breaches, malware outbreaks, internal frauds and system
misuse, cloud compromises, phishing, sexual harassment or other industrial relation disputes involving information systems.

Moreover, our services extend beyond just critical incident response. We specialise in Security Assurance Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Enterprise Services, partnering with Strategic Vendors to protect your business.

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