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Offensive security services

Penetration Testing, Red Teaming and more

Content Security’s Penetration Testing and offensive security services will help you reduce your business risk and gain visibility on the gaps in your cyber resilience.

Taking an offensive approach to proactively protect your business

Faced with an ever-changing and unpredictable threat and regulatory landscape, businesses today need confidence in their offensive security services

Safeguarding sensitive business data and customers’ personal information are essential to success, as failures to protect it can cause long-lasting financial, operational, compliance and reputational damages. Content Security’s Offensive Security Services are here to help.

Our ethical hacking and offensive security team can provide you with the security, visibility and certainty you need to thrive in today’s digital society

As information security specialists withover 21 years’ experience, our passion is ethical hacking. We provide the necessary offensive security services to keep your data safe, helping you prevent compromises from occuring and getting you back on your feet if they do.

Industry experts with comprehensive qualifications

Our team is filled with seasoned professionals, each brandishing a myriad of certifications to keep your organisation cyber safe:

Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP)

CREST Registered Testers (CRT)

Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)

One of the only organisations in Australia covering the industry spectrum end-to-end

We can assist you at every step of your cyber security journey, from offensive security services to auditing and beyond

At Content Security, we specialise in Security Assurance Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Enterprise Services, as well as Digital Forensics and Incident Response, partnering with Strategic Vendors to deliver the best of breed solutions.

Our Featured Offensive Security Services

Penetration Testing

Our security consultants use a combination of manual and automated techniques to simulate an attack on your environment and identify vulnerabilities before attackers can. We give you valuable insight on what access, information, and privileges can be gained, and provide expert recommendations on how to improve your infrastructure.

Red Teaming Services

Our consultants emulate actual, stealthy attackers, providing you with a more realistic picture of the risks posed to your assets. The scope of a red team engagement is limitless in nature, meaning we’ll use any means necessary to achieve the defined goals. We use tactics such as social engineering, phishing, physical intrusion and deploying custom malware.

Social Engineering & Physical Intrusion

Our social engineering tests will assist you in determining which users are most susceptible to these attacks. Our expert ethical hackers simulate real-world attacks on your staff, assessing their knowledge and providing you with a benchmark for contextualised security awareness training.

Design and Configuration Review

Customised risk assessments, comparing your design against industry best practices and its ability to protect against common attack vectors. We provide recommendations on building, improving, or reengineering your design to meet organisational policies, security best practices, compliance standards and legislation.

Additional project security services

Combining penetration testing, configuration reviews and project security workshops to help you manage IT projects safely and securely

Successfully managing multiple IT projects is challenging, even without considering the implications of cyber security threats to individual projects. Whether it’s new infrastructure being deployed, the launch of a new website or the creation of a new product line or service, we can help you appropriately secure projects according to your policy requirements and risk appetite.

The result of our analysis will provide you with evidence-based insight so you can make sensible decisions on how to cost-effectively manage the security of your project. We deliver a combination of the following:

  • Project Security Guides
  • Project Security Workshops
  • Risk Assessments
  • Account Audits
  • Design Reviews
  • Penetration Testing
  • Configuration Reviews
  • Password Cracking

Offensive Security Services to protect your data and uplift your security posture

We offer comprehensive testing to help you identify and mitigate real-world threats

A refined offensive security approach to protect your data, your people and your livelihood:

Actively identify vulnerabilities in your environment

Simulate real-world attacks to test your people

Adhere to compliance standards and regulations

Secure your enterprise environment

Definitive, measurable improvements in security

Satisfy and exceed stakeholder expectations

Delivering trusted Offensive Security Services to leading Australian companies

With over 800 clientswe’ve extensive experience in Finance, Education, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Retail and Technology. View our full range of client partners.

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