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Security Controls Health Check

In order to reduce risk and avoid security incidents, it’s important to test the efficacy of your existing controls. Content Security’s Security Controls Health Check will ensure your technology is configured as per best practice and working at maximum efficiency.

The health of your security controls directly correlates with the protection of your business – are your systems up to scratch?

What is a security controls health check and why is it important?

Throughout our 20 years of operations, we’ve found that in a majority of cases, security incidents arise not from a lack of controls, but rather from a failure of the organisation’s existing controls. Security systems that are not operating at maximum efficiency are more likely to be bypassed, letting attackers slip through the cracks and exposing vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

In fact, according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, 25 per cent of all external breaches can be owed to simple misconfigurations and system errors. Plus, another 5 per cent of non-malicious breaches also due to system faults. It is, therefore, crucial that your platforms are configured as per best practice, and to swiftly remediate any diagnosed performance issues that may be impacting your security solutions.

How can we help?

Our Security Controls Health Checks are essential to establishing a solid foundation for your cyber security infrastructure. Picture this as a typical health check-up –  our security consultants are ultimately:

  • Checking your overall system health and configuration;
  • Diagnosing performance issues; and
  • Advising on remedies or solutions for the identified issues.

We check that your platforms, devices and software are operating as per best practice – ensuring that they are supporting optimised functioning.

Security Controls Health Check

Are your cyber security investments not functioning as intended? Are they hindering the way you work?

Security Controls Health Checks directly target technical issues, but they also remedy productivity issues affecting your staff

As an IT security integration and consultancy firm, we get it – sometimes technology poses major difficulties for those who use it. This is especially true when your technology is not operating as intended or when it is not configured as per best practice.

During health checks, we often identify and remedy issues that are impacting performance, guaranteeing that your technology is working to serve your business’ needs, and that staff are not met with system road blocks.

Assessing the health of your systems provides a clear picture on the real state of your cyber security

We investigate and resolve misconfigurations, working closely with your business to alleviate any performance issues and improving the overall health of your security infrastructure

Our goal is to help you gain visibility on the effectiveness of your security controls and to uplift your security posture. Our health checks typically consist of the following activities:

Reviewing control configuration and settings

We conduct an initial assessment of the system(s) in scope, checking the general system health, as well as for any underlying configuration complications. This is the first step to uncovering any weaknesses or system flaws, and allows us to better diagnose performance issues.

Ensuring configuration as per security best practices

We then conduct design and policy assessments of all the affected systems or devices and check to see if they've been deployed as per security best practice. This also involves confirming your platforms are up to date as per your organisation’s internal update processes.

Advising on initial fixes, patches or service packs

Our security consultants will provide timely advice on the patches, fixes, and service packs that can or need to be applied in order to swiftly remediate any identified issues. We are able to provide additional professional services for the actual implementation of these updates.

Delivering our findings in a detailed report

Once we identify any shortcomings, we document them in a detailed technical report containing our findings for each insecure configuration, as well as a business risk analyses considering the overall health of your system and the most urgent/critical areas needing attention.

Security Controls Health Check

Our experts know security technology inside and out

Delivering in-depth product knowledge and support for a wide range of systems, devices and platforms

We proudly validate our stance as a leading security advisory firm by continually learning and gaining the necessary credentials to keep our clients, our partners and ourselves secure. Our team is filled with seasoned professionals, each brandishing a myriad of industry qualifications and product knowledge certifications. This means our experts are able to provide clients with the most in-depth technology reviews and health checks possible.

Regular health checks can help find potential security issues before they become a problem

Early detection of security complications gives you the best chance to remedy these quickly, helping you avoid costly security incidents and additional investments

Identify misconfigurations

Our team goes through the set up and policies of the security controls to help identify any configurations that are either out of date or inadequate. From there we are better suited to identify the changes that need to take place in order to align the system with your business’ overall security posture.

Ensure relevant features are turned on and up to date

During the review our team will identify if any new features/updates have been missed and advise on the best method to implement them, thus increasing the security provided by the platform.

Greater efficiency and protection from existing solutions

Once the health check is complete, the platform/product will be working at a higher level of security, as well as with greater efficiency due to streamlined configuration/policy improvements. We ensure you are getting the most out of your existing solution – saving you from making additional security investments.

Provide a clear picture of cyber security efforts for all stakeholders

Regular health checks will give key stakeholders within your business peace of mind that security investments are operating as intended. They can also confirm if technology configurations are in line with target compliance levels, meaning that issues are addressed prior to escalation and compliance failures.


25% of external breaches are due to system misconfigurations and errors


Another 5% of non-malicious breaches can be owed to simple, avoidable system errors

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