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Security Controls Review

We ensure your security controls are operating as intended, helping you maintain compliance and effectively managing risk.

Fine-tuning your existing investments to meet your evolving business requirements

What is a security controls review and why is it important?

Simply put, security controls refer to the mechanisms in place to reduce risk within your organisation. While some technology may claim to be ‘set and forget’ in nature, this is untrue for the majority of controls. All security controls need to be configured to your organisation’s environment. More than that though, they need to be regularly checked to ensure they are still appropriately configured to your changing needs. 

In order to effectively manage risk and adequately protect your organisation, it is essential to routinely review the efficacy of your security systems and identify potential gaps.

How can we help?

Our security controls reviews provide you with the necessary visibility to truly understand the state of your current controls and where more attention is needed. Once we identify gaps in your existing technology, we take a practical, cost-efficient approach and finetune it prior to suggesting additional investments.

From there, we are better suited to making prioritised recommendations, helping you to reduce risk while building defence-in-depth.

Security Controls Review

Looking to understand the effectiveness of your existing controls? We’ll help determine the gaps you need to close in order to improve your security posture

Think of our security controls review as a technical gap analysis

A typical gap analysis highlights shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. That’s exactly what we do with a security controls review. We help:

Analyse your security controls' current state

Identify their target performance level

Find the gaps and evaluate solutions

Create and implement a roadmap to success

Our security controls reviews result in enhanced protection of your personal and sensitive information

In many cases, breaches and security incidents arise not because of a lack of controls, but because of a failure of existing controls. The real key to effectively managing risk and protecting company data is ensuring that your controls are effective.

Evaluate your existing security controls

The first step to improving your security posture is to gain a clear picture of the efficacy of your current security tools. Our qualified security consultants first conduct an initial review of your controls and policies to determine how they are operating. We also look at if these tools adhere to your current cyber security strategy.

Identify areas of risk and how they affect your business

During this review, we gain valuable insight on the potential risks to your organisation. We take a step back to look at your business as a whole, gathering context on your controls, policies and security strategy. From there, our consultants determine which areas are most at risk and how this could affect the overall security of the business.

Recommend ways to mitigate and manage these risks

The most practical and cost-efficient approach begins with finetuning your existing controls. Once we identify any shortcomings, we are better suited to suggest actionable improvements. Our reports contain clear findings and recommendations on how to deal with risks and improve your controls.

Assist you with investments in the long-term

As your trusted partner in all things cyber security, we take a consultative partnership approach to all engagements. Our goal is to not only address the issues at hand, but plan for the future and assist you with additional investments. We ensure you are making the most beneficial investments for your business in the long-term.

Security Controls Review

Align your controls with the ACSC Essential Eight

In addition to maximising your security systems, controls reviews help gain and maintain compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements

We ensure your security controls and policies align to a number of industry standards, such as the ACSC Essential 8, NIST, ISO 27001 and more. However, our goal is to go beyond just a traditional, compliance review and look at the effectiveness of your controls as whole.

Increasing efficiency across a myriad of controls

We can conduct comprehensive reviews of the following domains, plus more:

  • Perimeter security
  • Intrusion Detection Systems 
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems 
  • Web Security 
  • Email Security 
  • Network Segmentation 
  • Endpoint Security 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Data Backup and Recovery 
  • Enterprise Data Loss Prevention 
  • Privilege Access Management 
  • BYOD Security and Wireless Security
  • Remote Access Systems 
  • Advanced Threat Protection 
  • Server Security 
  • Security Operations 
  • Incident Response and Preparedness

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