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Managed services

Vulnerability Management Service

Vulnerability management is crucial to staying on top of threat, but it’s also one of the most tedious processes for your team to carry out. Content Security’s vulnerability management service will help remove this burden while enhancing your visibility.

Get visibility over vulnerabilities and prioritise what matters most

What is vulnerability management and why is it important?

Simply put, security vulnerabilities refer to weaknesses, flaws or misconfigurations that, when exploited, can allow threat actors unauthorised access to your systems and data. If left unaddressed, they act as open doors into your business, allowing cyber criminals to install malware and steal sensitive information.

Researchers and attackers develop and discover new exploits and vulnerabilities daily. It is crucial, then, that businesses implement a comprehensive vulnerability management program to stay up to date with the discovery of these vulnerabilities, as well as any changes made to their systems.

How can we help?

Despite the plethora of vulnerability scanning tools available in today’s market, many organisations still struggle with developing and upholding a proactive vulnerability management program. Let’s face it – a majority of businesses don’t have the time, resources or skills needed to continuously adapt to the changing threat landscape.

At Content Security, we provide a variety of managed services to alleviate and eliminate these struggles. Our team is here to act as a seamless extension to your business, helping you stay ahead of threat and measurably reduce risk. We not assist in deploying leading vulnerability management tools, but deliver a fully-managed service tailored to your business needs. Our vulnerability management service will help you:

  • Identify, assess and report on security vulnerabilities; 
  • Manage, execute and optimise remediation efforts; and
  • Maintain a sustainable program for meeting compliance standards.
vulnerability management

Vulnerability management not only minimises security threats, it helps you gain and maintain compliance

Our security consultants will guide you on your regulatory compliance journey

Many compliance regulations and cyber security frameworks, such as the ACSC’s Essential 8, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, NIST etc. list having a vulnerability management program as a crucial step to protect an organisation’s intellectual property. Our vulnerability management service ensures you’re meeting compliance requirements and maintaining the necessary practices to uphold compliance. Your top security priorities become ours.

Vulnerability Management

With Content Security's managed service, you're leaving your vulnerability management in some of the most trusted hands in the industry

Our managed service makes this resource and time intensive process a painless experience

Vulnerability management is undoubtedly a fundamental process, but businesses are struggling to conduct it in an adequate manner. This is because it’s a time intensive, tedious and resource hungry practice. Let our experienced security consultants take the load off your hands.

Our security consultants will deploy, manage and maintain the technology for your team, providing you with all the benefits of vulnerability management as a service without the overhead of managing the solution yourself. This means your team is freed up to deal with higher priority security initiatives, all while your vulnerability management is taken care of.

Pairing best of breed technologies with certified expertise

As information and cyber security specialists with over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on collaborating with the best of breed technology vendors. We leverage leading technology platforms in order to provide you with the most comprehensive service possible, putting powerful solutions in the most capable hands.

Our mission is to uplift your vulnerability management process – no matter your maturity level

It’s time to go beyond just vulnerability scanning and reap the rewards of our comprehensive managed service:

Tailored to your business' unique level for risk tolerance

We understand that risk tolerance differs across industries and individual businesses. Therefore, we take a closer look at your unique business profile to cater our service and the respective technology platform to best fit your needs and expectations.

Vulnerability prioritisation based off your organisation's exposure

Without a suitable vulnerability management service in place, many businesses are left with a partial understanding of their threat exposure. We provide a clear picture of your exposure and deliver real context on your current threat environment.

Enhance your visibility and eliminate guesswork

We don’t waste any time when it comes to detecting the vulnerable systems in your environment. We swiftly identify, evaluate and prioritise vulnerabilities, helping to detect exploits in your network, devices, web applications and other assets.

Meet and maintain your regulatory compliance obligations

As an added benefit to our vulnerability management service, we can ensure your compliance with a number of regulatory standards, including the ACSC’s Essential Eight, The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and other frameworks.

Leverage Content Security's years of industry and technology expertise

Our certified security team leverages industry-leading technology to deliver proactive detection, analysis and reporting on vulnerabilities. We fully manage the technology solution and are able to deliver patch management for more efficient remediation.

Complete visibility with alerts and monthly reports

We handle everything from the technology configuration to the monthly reporting process, ensuring that your team gains visibility across vulnerabilities and is alerted to what is most critical based off your business exposure. Our reports contain prioritised recommendations around remediation.

For more information please contact our cybersecurity professionals today.