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SAI Global

Content Security thanks SAI Global for over 10 years of dedicated partnership

With a host of critically sensitive and regulated data used by both their internal teams and clients, SAI Global needs to uphold the highest levels of information security. That’s why they’ve turned to us at Content Security to assist them with a variety of services throughout the years, largely with a focus on penetration testing.

About SAI Global

SAI Global is a renowned multi-national provider of integrated risk management solutions, standards, quality assurance auditing and certification, property services and more. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company has had a solid trajectory of success marked by a wealth of innovation and growth. They currently employ over 2,500 staff across the globe and continually develop leading-edge solutions, allowing businesses to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving regulatory and risk landscape.

Leaders in resilient risk management 

At its core, SAI Global helps customers protect their brands by taking a proactive approach to managing risk. Ultimately, this means they help organisations achieve business excellence by facilitating growth, championing sustainability and fostering trust.

They launched their comprehensive risk management platform, SAI360, in 2018. Since then, they have been named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for IT Vendor Risk Management (VRM) two years in a row, demonstrating their commitment to resilient risk management.

The SAI360 platform has also been named a 2021 Green Quadrant Leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software. This position clearly indicates the prominent role SAI Global played throughout 2020, as the SAI360 EHS platform led many organisations on the road to recovery. It allowed them to effectively deal with unprecedented business impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic, including managing worker health and minimising operational disruptions.

Content Security CTO Anshul Pandey says:

“SAI Global helped customers navigate the complexities of a turbulent COVID-19 economy by not only keeping their services and support readily accessible, but by innovating despite adversity. Their efforts to support their customers in a time of crisis are admirable and truly unparalleled.”

SAI Global and Content Security: A valued partnership

Content Security has had the pleasure of working with SAI Global for over 10 years now. We have followed their ascent as market-leaders and have been continually impressed by their innovation and dedication.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with their CISO Peter Macarthur-King on a number of projects, and our long-standing relationship emphasises the importance of collaboration between industry veterans. We believe this partnership truly verifies the Content Security position as a leading and trusted cyber security point-of-contact.

Over the years we have delivered a variety of services and products for SAI Global, with engagements spanning across the entire Content Security suite of offerings. As their experienced cyber security consultant, we have assisted them in vulnerability management, SIEM implementation, endpoint security, penetration testing, ISO 27001 compliance and more.

Our relationship today: SAI Global’s need for penetration testing 

We proudly acknowledge that SAI Global has entrusted Content Security with performing their global penetration tests for the better part of the last decade. We have conducted a variety of penetration tests across a range of their environments, including internal, external and web application pentests.

SAI Global CISO Peter Macarthur-King notes:

“Content Security have been SAI Global’s trusted cyber security advisor for many years. They’ve assisted us with a variety of our IT security needs, but the core focus has really been around their penetration testing services. We’ve always used Content’s in-depth pentesting to evaluate and improve the security of our applications.”

SAI Global’s commitment to cyber security 

As a large global organisation SAI Global have acquired various businesses along the way. Their most recent acquisition was BWise from Nasdaq in 2019. As the company continues to grow, so too does their portfolio of applications and systems.

These systems store critically sensitive and regulated data used by both their internal teams and clients. Therefore, the highest levels of information security must be in place to protect this environment. This involves proactively identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities that could compromise the availability, confidentiality or integrity of their data.

Content Security’s regular penetration testing services are just one of the ways SAI Global weathers today’s world of uncertainty and ensures their critical assets remain secure. During each engagement, we’ve helped them proactively manage cyber security risks and make improvements to safeguard the security of their organisation.

In frequently engaging us to conduct penetration testing, SAI Global validates their standing as leading providers of risk management. These tests show that SAI Global are actively addressing the convergence of information security and risk management within their enterprise and moreover, their substantial cybersecurity investments across global operations.

Thank you to SAI Global

Content Security acknowledge how fortunate we have been to assist SAI Global in meeting their cybersecurity requirements.Our CEO Phil Wurth has seen this relationship flourish since its origins and says it has been an ongoing collaboration:

“We have had a fantastic partnership with SAI Global over the years. I’d like to note that while we’ve been their trusted cyber security consultant for over a decade, the relationship has been truly mutual, as SAI Global has played a major role in our business growth. 

We consistently draw on their vast certifications database when assisting clients. In fact, we achieved our own ISO 27001 certification with their help and this was a major milestone for all of us at Content Security.

I’d like to extend a warm thank you to SAI Global for this invaluable partnership. We are so excited to see a long-standing partner thrive in the international marketplace and sincerely look forward to more joint successes in the future.”

Content Security’s refined penetration testing approach

As information security specialists with over 20 years of experience, we are very passionate about our ethical hacking services. We have honed our skills in both penetration testing and red teaming engagements, with over 800 clients Australia-wide, across government, health, finance, education, non-profit, retail and utilities.

Our team of testers is comprised of both offensive and defensive professionals who have cultivated a collaborative approach to penetration testing and conduct hundreds of penetration tests yearly.

Over the years, we’ve developed a dynamic approach involving the use of both automated and manual techniques. However, what sets us apart from other cyber security partners is our penetration testers’ high-levels of focus.

With laser-like precision, we are able to identify a range of vulnerabilities in our clients’ environments and exploit these in order to see what additional access or information can be gained. We then produce a prioritised report detailing our unique approach to the engagement, the vulnerabilities identified and actionable recommendations for improvement.

For more information please contact our cybersecurity professionals today.

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