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We specialise in both large enterprises and small to medium businesses across a wide range of industries

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in cyber security

That’s why we take industry-specific approaches to helping clients

As information security specialists with over 20 years of experience and over 800 customers, we understand that we need to alter our approach depending on our distinct clients. In doing so, we are able to meet clients’ business, industry and technical needs, all while securing them from inevitable security incidents. For more information, visit our main industry pages below:

Specialised industry approaches



At Content Security, we understand the unique challenges that mining companies face in today’s threat landscape. We also understand the critical, proactive role we must play in protecting this geopolitical and economic target.



At Content Security, we are committed to providing educational institutions with cyber security expertise. We can assist in securing data and devices within all levels of educational facilities and help you meet compliance standards to keep staff and students safe.



At Content Security, we understand the critical, collaborative role we must play in helping governments strengthen their protections – ultimately securing Australians, our businesses and our critical infrastructure from crippling security incidents.



With a wealth of confidential information and highly regulated systems, procedures and technologies, healthcare infrastructure must be secured against an onslaught of cyber security attacks. We are committed protecting healthcare's systems, devices, procedures and patients.



As a leading security advisory firm, we have extensive experience in data protection, risk management and compliance. We are committed to providing financial institutions with the necessary services and solutions to stay on top of evolving threats while optimising productivity and customer experience.



Content Security readily partners with utilities organisations to craft solutions that meet the sector’s evolving cyber security issues. We can help you drive performance while bolstering resilience to protect against emerging threats.



With an increase in damaging breaches and a stricter regulatory environment causing the cost of security incidents to inflate, cybersecurity has extended to an existential business matter for not-for-profits. We can help safeguard your organisation within the evolving threat landscape.



At Content Security, we deliver dedicated cyber security services and solutions to secure retailers from evolving threats. We assist retail business in avoiding the growing costs of security incidents and maintaining their valued customer trust.

Content Security

We’re an Australian IT security integration and consulting firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Founded in March 2000, we focus on protecting our customers’ brand, reputation and bottom line, through robust security architecture; secure cloud solutions and advanced forensics and remediation.

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