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Complex cyber security issues
facing charities in Australia

Content Security’s expertise in cybersecurity for not-for-profits focuses on building a sustainable and affordable ecosystem to protect their donors and the people they help.

The Australian Not-for-Profit industry is under threat

With an increase in damaging breaches and a stricter regulatory environment causing the cost of security incidents to inflate, the Not-for-Profit industry has come to recognise that cybersecurity is not only an IT issue, but an existential business matter. Let us help you secure your business, your data, and your people.

Everyday, your organisation produces, handles and stores a wealth of employee, patron and donor information.  This information is one your most critical assets, and a foundational element in successfully serving your community. We can help safeguard this data within the evolving threat landscape.

Uplifted cyber security can help secure and support your vision

We want to help you uplift your security posture, create a holistic cyber security culture and safely drive your mission with digital innovations.

We can help you implement a suitable cyber security framework to keep both your business and the people you support safe.

Cyber security is no longer optional – it’s a necessity

The average cost of a data breach is approximately $3 million. A security incident may require you to reallocate funding towards remediation and recovery measures. It may drain government and donor support entirely – meaning you can’t carry out your mission.

Without the proper cybersecurity measures in place, recovering from a breach can be unfeasible and all-consuming – delaying your return to business as usual. At Content Security, we understand the specific security controls we need to implement in order to  keep you on top of threat and avoid downtime.

Why Content Security?

We are an Australian IT security integration and consulting firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Founded in March 2000, we focus on protecting our customers’ brand, reputation and profitability.

We do this by helping manage cyber threats through robust security architecture, secure cloud solutions and advanced forensics.We provide one trusted point of contact for our clients’ cybersecurity requirements. Our mission is to keep Australian organisations and their customers – who are our everyday neighbours, friends and families – cyber-safe. We look forward to helping you confidently overcome daily security challenges across your business, operations and customer base.
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Our whitepaper seeks to provide some examples of information security concerns specific to the industry. It includes information on the top threats to Not-for-profit organisations, as well as recommendations on how to combat and prevent cyber attacks.

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