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Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Program

Your users are the primary vector for all social engineering threats. Do you know your employees’ level of cyber resilience?

Cybercriminals have shifted their focus from the security perimeter to your users

Cultivating cyber security awareness is the most cost-effective way of mitigating today’s threats

A company can invest a substantial part of their cyber security budget into perimeter defence, however, a user who unknowingly clicks on a malicious email can negate this whole expenditure. Therefore, it’s essential that users are educated on the risks that they face in this digital world, and how it can impact both the organisation and the individual.

This can be achieved through a proactive security awareness training program, showing users types of attacks, how they work, what their targets are and how to spot them.

How can we help?

Arming users with this knowledge will make them more resilient against cyberattacks and promote a culture of cyber awareness. Nowadays, many organisations do not have the capability to manage an Information Security Awareness Training (ISAT) program on their own, due to resourcing issues or a lack of expertise. As a result, this is a commonly overlooked practice leaving a major gap in the organisation’s security posture.

Content Security has developed the Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Program (MCAP) to help businesses fill this gap. As part of this service, we provide a fully managed security awareness training platform to be customised based on your organisation’s needs. 

Security awareness training requirements vary from industry to industry

MCAP ensures both your business and industry-specific needs are met

As with most elements in cyber security, Information Security Awareness Training varies from organisation to organisation. This is due to factors such as the type of industry you fall under, if it is part of compliance, and the overall structure of users in your business. 
Part of our approach with MCAP involves comparing your organisation’s performance with similar businesses in your sector. This gives us a broader benchmark to map your business’ security awareness against.
We take a business-specific approach in order to provide your enterprise with the most value. This involves combining and adjusting training modules as necessary to meet your business needs.
Our user-focused, user-friendly platform allows us to deliver targeted security awareness training. This means more value on a granular level.

MCAP provides organisations with a complete hands-off experience

What are the main components of our managed security awareness training?

Our consultants are in charge of deploying and managing the platform, running training and simulations and providing you with monthly reporting on the findings along with recommendations. Our process includes a consultative approach of working with your organisation’s teams to ensure that you gain the most from our service. The key components of the service include:

Security Awareness Training Modules

Employees are enrolled in short, interactive training modules every month. These modules are based on different threat vectors and topics, ultimately uplifting users’ knowledge on a variety of threats and showing them how to identify and defend against attacks.


Our business-specific reports summarise staff performance on training modules and simulated attacks. On top of this, we conduct a debrief session post-delivery of simulation attacks to discuss the report findings and further, to deliver personalised recommendations.

Simulated Attacks

We send customised company-specific phishing emails to your staff, testing to see if they click on the links and proceed to enter their credentials. This helps us gauge the cyber security culture maturity within your business and identify where an uplift is truly needed.

Re-enrolment of Compromised Users

As part of the continuous education delivered to your organisation, we automatically enrol users who have failed a simulated attack, i.e. they have provided personal or company credentials via a phishing email sent from the MCAP platform.

Iterative training helps employees to grow vigilant against cyberattacks

MCAP equips your users with the necessary knowledge to keep your organisation safe

In order to uplift your users’ awareness, we first identify the risks posed to your business, determining which users are susceptible to social engineering and phishing attacks. We regularly gauge and report on your users’ levels of awareness, providing you insights on which areas need improvement.
Our goal is not only to target individual users, but to ensure an organisation-wide improvement. As a fully managed service with monthly assignments and reports, we are able to regularly test and change your user behaviour. The end result is cyber security awareness imbued into company culture.
MCAP equips employees with the necessary knowledge to stay ahead of attackers. With over 130 training assignments to choose from, we are able to educate employees on a range of threats and how to defend against them. This means enhanced protection of data and minimised chances of breaches.

MCAP is much more than your traditional Information Security Awareness Training

It’s a customisable, flexible program catered towards your business profile

We understand how difficult it is for businesses today to create and manage a training program alone. Let our qualified consultants guide you in the process. 

Centralised Platform

All training modules and simulated attacks, as well as user reporting on education and results are retained and managed through a single centralised cloud-based platform.

Fully Managed by Our Security Consultants

Our qualified security consultants are in charge of deploying and managing the platform as well as running testing and training. We take a partnership approach here, working with your team to ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Balance of Training and Testing

We roll out regular, customised phishing attacks alongside training assignments, measuring performance as well as the effectivity of the training. These emails are tailored towards the type of user that is being targeted and reinforce the topics covered in the platform.

Customised Training Strategy

As experts in our field, we have the responsibility to guide our clients on the best path towards cyber security success. This means setting out a tailored training strategy, based on your sector, business and user requirements, as well as our industry expertise.


98% of organisations have a security awareness training program in place


But only 64% are actually delivering formal, targeted training

Why Content Security?

About Us

We are an Australian IT security integration and consultancy firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Founded in March 2000, we focus on protecting our customers’ brands, reputations and bottom-lines from the evolving threat and regulatory landscapes. We do so by partnering with key technology vendors and providing practical expertise on good governance, security architecture, secure cloud, advanced forensics and more.

Our industry expertise means that we not only design and implement a comprehensive range of security solutions, but offer these as fully integrated, managed services for our customers. MCAP is one such service, launched in March of 2020. It fills the gaps for small businesses that lack the bandwidth to run their own programs and for larger enterprises that a need more frequent, formalised style of training.


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