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We provide committed and comprehensive cyber security services to secure critical education data and processes

Education is an increasingly vulnerable target of cyber attack

It is essential to minimise disruption or compromise caused by security incidents of any nature to uphold optimised learning and teaching processes across schools, colleges, universities and other vocational education institutes

Digital transformation and increased connectivity are crucial to today’s educational processes, but leave education facilities open to increased risk. The sector is not only battling malicious hackers who seek to steal staff and student information, but pervasive internal threats caused by a lack of security awareness.


Top threats to the education sector

Below are some of the most concerning cyber threats to the education industry:


Malware refers to a variety of malicious code such as ransomware, spyware or trojans. These attacks cause extensive damage and often lead to the theft of critical data. Once data is breached, it is often held ransom or sold on the dark web.


Attackers pose as a legitimate individual or institution to lure victims into providing credentials or other sensitive information. This is the leading source of malicious attacks across a majority of industries, with credential compromise as the ultimate goal.

Insider threats

Unlike a lot of other industries, the education sector experiences more breaches due to internal human error rather than purely malicious attack. When staff and students are unaware of the cyber security risks, incidents are inevitable.

The Content Security approach 

At Content Security, we understand the daily challenges that the education sector faces in securing critical information and applications from threat.

We are committed to providing educational institutions with cybersecurity expertise and supporting teaching and learning processes with optimised security measures. We can assist in securing data and devices within all levels of educational facilities and help you meet compliance standards to keep staff and students safe. 

Our team of security specialists has a wealth of industry expertise, with over 20 years of experience in information security. A majority of these years have been spent assisting schools, universities and colleges in the maintenance of their critical operations and digital transformation.


We are a proud sponsor of the annual Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales (AIS NSW) conference since 2010.

AISNSW is the peak body representing independent education and their conferences tackle a breadth of issues facing independent Australian schooling. We proudly demonstrate our commitment to the sector by continually supporting the AIS NSW conference. 

What we do 

Identity and Access Management

The average person regularly uses passwords to 27 systems. Within an organisation, they also change roles multiple times while abandoning applications they no longer need. Sometimes they leave and there may be some accounts not disabled. Before long, an organisation has lost visibility of the access they are granting, and the ‘principle of least privilege’ is a distant dream.

Penetration Testing

At Content Security, we take a proactive focus to mitigating risk and minimising threat exposure. We scan and ethically exploit an organisation’s IT infrastructure to unveil vulnerabilities that may be of use to a real-world cybercriminal. Our team of IT security professionals identifies areas of risk and provides strategic remediation.

Incident Response

Incident Response (IR) is crucial for reducing response time and minimising any financial, operational, compliance and reputational costs associated with a data breach. We offer multiple tiers of IR retainer packages to provide assistance 24x7 and help academic institutions contain incidents, protect confidential staff, student and visitor data.

Security Awareness Training

Developing basic cyber security awareness works in conjunction with your technological security investments. We provide a range of easy and motivating security awareness training, with interactive conditioning and regular reporting to benchmark staff improvement. We also have a Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Program (MCAP).

Data and Device Security

We understand the unique data protection concerns that the education industry faces. We have a range of managed security services that can be scaled to your needs and prevent critical data loss. We take a holistic approach to securing your data, and also target network, cloud, and device security to keep your organisation safe.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We assist in aligning your security approach with broader academic and business objectives. By implementing the suitable security controls and strategy, we can help you comply with federal and state privacy regulations and keep your institution’s data – as well as people – safe.

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