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uplifting your cyber security maturity

Security Improvement Program

Improve your information security posture by leveraging our Security Improvement Program (SIP). Above all, it gives you access to the breadth of our services under one defined program.

A consistent approach to security, delivering real, measurable improvements in your cyber maturity

Protecting your organisation in today's increasingly interconnected world calls for a cohesive approach to security

Building and sustaining the right security strategy for your business is an increasingly difficult task to carry out alone. For instance, a majority of enterprises are spending more than they should on security investments, over compensating on areas that don’t require the budget and overlooking those that do. This is where our Security Improvement Program (SIP) can really assist, delivering a measurable increase in security whilst saving you time, money and resources.

What is a Security Improvement Program?

We understand that developing and executing a cohesive framework of security initiatives is difficult without the right expertise and bandwidth to back it up. It’s already a resource-intensive process in itself, but actually executing multiple security projects is the real mountain to climb. 

This is where our Security Improvement Program (SIP) really shines. Combining multiple security projects under the one program umbrella, we’re able to deliver security engagements across almost all of our service areas. Our team handles the medley of security initiatives throughout the contract term, thus ensuring you’re seeing quantifiable improvements throughout the year.

security improvement program (SIP)

Our Security Improvement Program guides you on the path to regular and continual security upgrades

In our 21 years of operations, we've learned that effective cyber security is a marathon, not a sprint

Get focused and actionable security throughout the entire year

Above all, the purpose of our Security Improvement Program (SIP) is to provide continuous, in-depth security across the entire year.

Acting as a seamless extension to your business, our team will firstly help to scope the program and decide which projects will provide your business with the most value. We then carry out these projects with a staggered approach, thus providing ongoing support and reporting through program.

In addition to providing a strong, baseline security strategy, our SIP also helps deliver focused and prioritised insights on your organisation’s risk. The program helps meet your security requirements for enhanced business operations all-round. In other words, we help deliver a strategy that maximises productivity, minimises risk and demonstrates compliance to key stakeholders.

An expertly crafted program saving you time, money and resources

We help you regularly achieve security goals that would otherwise be unfeasible

With our SIP, we create a security project framework tailored specifically to your organisation’s unique business, industry and technical needs. This program has the capability to combine multiple areas of our business to provide you with in-depth protection and quantifiable security enhancements. To elaborate, this means we’re able to cover multiple aspects of your security requirements, not only providing custom security projects, but a robust and dynamic baseline strategy.

Penetration Testing and Security Assurance Services

Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities or weaknesses within your environment is a crucial part of staying on top of threat. Therefore, regular penetration testing and other vulnerability assessments are often key elements of our Security Improvement Program (SIP). We conduct a variety of tests, for example, external, internal and wireless penetration tests, in addition to social engineering assessments and configuration reviews.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Auditing and Advisory

Understanding where your existing security posture sits is the first step to improving it. Our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services are a perfect mixture of auditing and advisory offerings. We’re able to help you establish a custom information security framework, meet your compliance requirements and promote security awareness with compliance advisory services, information security audits and more.

Enterprise Security Support and Professional Services

Outsourcing our enterprise and professional services provides you with the highest levels of security, productivity and compliance. Our professional service offerings allow you to leverage the expertise of our qualified security engineers and product-knowledge experts. We’re able to assist with technology design and implementations, security control reviews, information security awareness training and general security health checks.

Our Security Improvement Program ensures expert security services at your fingertips

21 years’ experience and comprehensive qualifications

With cyber threats constantly evolving, you need up-to-date and qualified security specialists to keep your organisation secure. Fortunately, our senior technical team includes well-versed software engineers, ISO 27001 auditors, PCI QSAs, and IT security professionals.

In short, this wealth of expertise therefore sets our security improvement program apart from the rest, allowing you to build a more in-depth understanding of your current cyber risk and helping you get where you need to be.

Benefits of our Security Improvement Program

Reap genuine and quantifiable rewards with a clear plan for improving your cyber security maturity

Defined pathway of routine cyber security initatives

We work closely with your team to map out a range of phases and projects throughout the year. This provides you with a defined, organised framework and regular security coverage.

Regularly identify vulnerabilities across your environment

We offer a range of penetration tests and vulnerability assessments to uncover hidden areas of risk. As a result, we help you prioritise remediation actions and make more justified security investments.

Baseline of security controls tailored to your business

Cyber security is never one size fits all. Therefore, we tailor this SIP around your organisation’s unique business, industry and technical needs to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Expert guidance on implementing suggested controls

As a trusted partner in cyber security backed by over 21 years of experience, we’re able to deliver expert guidance on implementing any security controls and further security budgeting.

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

During the SIP, we provide security engineers, compliance experts & ethical hackers. However, we’ll dedicate a qualified technical account manager to support you throughout the process.

Leverage our large range of service offerings

The purpose of the SIP is to provide clients access to our large range of service offerings under one project umbrella. As a result, we provide a holistic uplift across multiple areas of cyber security.

Why Content Security?

Your trusted partner in all things cyber security

We’re one of the only organisations in Australia covering the information security space end-to-end. We specialise in Security Assurance Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Enterprise Services, as well as Digital Forensics and Incident Response, partnering with Strategic Vendors to deliver the best of breed solutions.

Our unwavering goal over the past 21 years has been to help customers achieve the level of security posture they strive for in a cost effective, strategic and timely manner. Our Security Improvement Program (SIP) is one of the key ways in which we do so, allowing our clients to leverage our breadth of exprtise in one comprehensive package.

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