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fundamental incident response preparation

Breach Readiness Assessment

Content Security will uncover any gaps in visibility affecting your security, and better prepare you for responding and recovering from notifiable data breaches.

Minimising damages relies on enhancing your organisation's internal incident response capabilities

Research shows that breaches and the subsequent consequences are only growing more severe as the years go on

In 2021, lost business continued to represent the largest share (38%) of data breach costs for the seventh consecutive year. Interestingly, reactive detection and escalation were the second most costly, with post-breach investigative activities and crisis management costing businesses $1.24m. From these numbers, it’s clear that breach readiness levels are quite low. 

With the stakes continually rising, how are businesses to proactively protect their brand and mitigate these costs?

Firstly, organisations must understand their unique risk profile and identify what gaps exist within their enterprise visibility. Secondly, they must understand how these gaps impact overall security and what the costs of not proactively preparing for inevitable security incidents look like. From there, they can work to enhance incident response capabilities and alleviate the many consequences of data breaches.

Content Security’s Breach Readiness Assessment is a primary means for any organisation – but especially those without adequate security skill and bandwidth – to do exactly that. Above all, it allows businesses to leverage industry expertise, gauge their susceptibility to threat and be better prepared to protect and mitigate costly security incidents. 

breach readiness

Data breach costs have increased significantly year over year, with the global average now sitting at $4.24m

We've also seen substantial increases in Australia more specifically, with data breach expenses rising over 30 per cent in the past year.

Now is the time to get expert guidance on your current ability to detect and respond to threats, with tailored recommendations to minimise the overall costs of breaches

In a majority of our Breach Readiness engagements, we find that crucial systems, processes and policies are often missing from an organisation’s security strategy. Our goal is to find any gaps in your visibility and uplift your overall posture to minimise the impacts of breaches, and assist you in preparing for the unknown.

Undergoing this preliminary evaluation is the key to better managing security incidents and lessening the damaging effects of breaches

So, how do we conduct this assessment?

Based on the three elements below, this service proactively prepares your organisation to deal with the unknown and helps you develop more effective incident detection and response processes:

During a Breach Readiness Assessment, an expert from our Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) team conducts a 4-day review of your organisation. Ultimately, this involves:

  • Assessing your current detection and response capability; and 
  • Identifying any missing elements that will improve overall security posture.  

A key element of this service is checking for gaps in visibility affecting the organisation’s security. Thus, amongst checking for IR plans and playbooks, the assessment involves examining the following:

  • Asset Management;
  • Network Visibility;
  • Credential Management; and
  • Log Management. 

Finally, at the conclusion of testing, we deliver a report covering the detailed findings discovered throughout the assessment. We outline tailored recommendations, describing the best method for preventing and responding to future incidents and increasing general IR capabilities. As a result, your organisation is able to minimise risk in a targeted manner and bolster a better security posture. 

data breach

When incidents occur, stress rises and poor decisions are made

IR skills might be available in-house, however, external experts can act rationally and without bias to give your leadership the right information to make better choices

We cover the industry spectrum end-to-end, meaning, we can assist you with preparing for any type of cyber security incident and beyond

This includes data breaches, malware outbreaks, internal frauds and system
misuse, cloud compromises, phishing, sexual harassment or other industrial relation disputes involving information systems.

Moreover, our services extend beyond just critical incident response. We specialise in Security Assurance Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Enterprise Services, partnering with Strategic Vendors to protect your business.

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